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VISA Credit Card

Our VISA credit card has a competitive annual percentage rate (APR) that is lower than what most other financial institutions or department stores offer.  With a 25-day grace period on new purchases, no annual fee and the same APR on purchases and cash advances, our VISA credit card really makes sense.  You make payments and deal with the people you know and trust – the friendly folks at Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union.  Isn’t it time to bring your credit card home to Diamond Lakes and stop dealing with faceless 800 numbers? 

In addition to the signature (unsecured) VISA credit card program described above, Diamond Lakes also offers a secured VISA credit card.  This card is perfect for parents to secure for their college-bound child needing to learn how to use a credit card appropriately.  Money is deposited by the parent to “secure” the credit limit on the VISA credit card.  Charges can only be made within the credit limit of the card. 

To apply for a VISA Credit Card, click the link below.  Print the application, complete it, then mail it to:  Diamond Lakes VISA, P. O. Box 1080, Malvern, AR  72104

Click here to print the VISA Credit Card application and disclosure.

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